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Introducing Kompac Komplete Scratch-off Coating

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Your Coating should only Scratch-off when you want it too...Increase your profits and expand your portfolio with Kompac Komplete Silver & Gold Scratch-off Coating.

With Kompac Komplete Silver & Gold scratch-off coating, applied with your Kompac Kwik Finish Coating and Curing System or screen press, you will quickly experience the financial benefit of what most can't offer, SPOT COATING!

Available in Silver & Gold, these scratch-off coatings are perfect for use on any promotional print item. For best results a screen gray ink should be used under the silver scratch-off and a screen gold under the gold scratch-off coating. It is important to note that a UV re-leaser must be applied before the Silver or Gold scratch-off coating will release. Kompac recommends any Kompac Komplete UV Coating.

(If you are not an existing Kompac Kwik Finish User write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information)

Kompac Celebrates 30 Years in Business!

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Kompac 30 Years Badge!Kompac Technologies, LLC, the leading manufacturer and supplier of an extensive line of products to satisfy the needs of the graphic arts industry, is excited to celebrate their 30th Year in Business.
For more than 20 years Kompac Dampening Systems and products were manufactured and distributed as a part of the global pressroom chemistry company, Varn International.  Many of you may have known their dampening systems as the "Varn System" or the "Varn Kompac" and most as the "Kompac Automatic Dampening System" but one thing is certain, Kompac has always been there with integrity and consistency.  

In 1980 the first Kompac Dampening System was installed on an AB Dick 360. Since then Kompac has expanded their product line to include more than 150 models from popular press manufactures; AB Dick, Ryobi, Hamada, Multigraphics, Adast, Heidelberg, Fuji, Shinohara, Goss and more. Now, 30 Years and more than 100,000 dampening systems later, Kompac is the #1 retrofit dampening system in the world. 

In 2006 the Kompac operation was acquired by two long-standing Kompac Executives and was re-branded Kompac Technologies, LLC.  Later that year the Kompac Kwik Finish Coating & Curing System was introduced. Since then the Kwik Finish has quickly become the coater of choice for digital and offset printers. The Kwik Finish is the only offline coating system that can flood and spot coat as well as apply UV, aqueous, primer and specialty coatings to a wide variety of paper & plastics. Thin substrates, No Problem! Whether digital output or offset, each job will have the visual appeal, lasting durability, protection and rub resistant finish that your customers expect!

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