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Cool UV

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Kompac Launches “COOL UV” for Coating and Priming

Heat Sensitive Synthetic Substrates



For Immediate Release:  April 29, 2016


Kompac Technologies has announced that they now have a “COOL UV” upgrade. This kit will fit their complete line of EZ Koat Flood Coating and Priming Systems, as well as their Kwik Finish Line of Spot Coating and Priming Systems. This system will enable customers to coat and optimize a variety of heat shrink and heat sensitive substrates.  The packaging and label industries have requested this capability and once again Kompac has taken the lead and delivered a system which gets the job done!


The Kompac “COOL UV KIT” can be retrofitted to existing machines or be installed at the factory on new orders.  Ask your Kompac Sales Rep. about Kompac Cool UV today!!



Thomas M. Hayes

Kompac Technologies, LLC


Kompac and Hewlitt - Packard

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The Perfect Match from Start to Finish!

To Start: you will need a well primed (optimized) substrate. Be it paper or synthetics, Kompac has the right equipment and can recommend the correct primer to fit your needs. Primers need to be matched to the material you will be using.

Primers can be some what complicated; however Kompac has over a decade of experience with Aqueous Primers such as: Sapphire, Topaz and DigiPrime.

Kompac has also developed Special UV Gloss, Satin and Matte Primers for substrates that are difficult to print on.

After printing with HP Indigo, the printed piece will need to be coated for protection – this includes:
  • Simple scuffing with uncoated paper.
  • Rub resistance for labels on cans and bottles.
  • Scratching of book covers, boxes, fliers, etc.
  • Small scratches and marks when shipping large quantities of printed materials.
  • Protection against a wide range of chemicals, including cleaners, food and water.

Protection is important, but so is the look of the product. To get the look your customer wants, you must be able to run a large variety of coating fluids, both Aqueous and UV! Kompac can do this on ONE or TWO sides in one pass, In-line or Offline, Web-fed or Sheet-fed!

Sometimes protection is not enough. What you need are Kompac’s Special Purpose Coatings:
  • Writable/glueable.
  • Dry erase.
  • Blister pack.
  • Soft feel.
  • Non skid.
  • White Opaque.
  • Playing cards.
  • Food grade.
Everything mentioned can be run with one of Kompac’s coaters. If you need more, Kompac has an extensive line of spot coaters. These high accuracy coaters have been used for:
  • Scratch Off – Gold and Silver.
  • Drawing attention to an item or products with a Gloss spot on a Matte flood coated sheet.
  • A variety of textures and 3-D Effects by using a textured flexo plate.
  • A spot not coated such as mailers and glue tabs.
  • Coating very thin substrates.
  • Spot priming of already printed materials so they can accept Indigo Print.

To Finish: Over 50% of our customer’s own Indigo’s. We have worked with HP Team to bundle packages that solve your customer’s requirements. We even designed and built the Kwik Finish 32 Spot/Flood Coater and the EZ Koat 30 Plus Flood Coater for the HP 10,000 at your request. For help or questions please contact: Kompac at 908-534-8411, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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