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Improve Your Press Performance

The Kompac VI Automatic Dampening Systems - for the Goss Community - can improve the performance on your press by eliminating the problems inherent with conventional dampening systems. The patented Kompac technology provides the operator with automatic ink/water balance. Kompac Automatic Dampeners completely re-balance themselves at each revolution and carry only the amount of ink and water demanded by the image on the plate. Kompac gives instant startup and runs trouble-free – improving productivity by reducing makeready and start-up times. Guaranteed!

Optimal Printing. Guaranteed.

The Kompac VI Automatic Dampening System is a true "Set & Forget" dampening system. Reduced maintenance, improved makeready and a waste reduction of up to 50%, are just a few of the guaranteed benefits you will experience immediately following installation.

  • Automatic ink/water balance - "Set & Forget" dampening no matter what the job
  • Instant start-up - Faster makeready & a waste reduction up to 50%
  • Run dryer with better registration & less fan-out
  • Increase production
  • No water stops to use on half rolls and dinky's
  • Improve print quality - Better solids, sharper dots & brighter colors
  • Permanently eliminate over emulsification and dry spots
  • No dampener socks - Reduce labor, consumables & lint
  • Works with most UV, cold set inks and fountain solutions combinations
Kompac Automatic Dampening Systems are the number one dampening system in the market today with over 100,000 installations worldwide.